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Friday, August 1, 2008

The History of Cadel Evans' Nickname: "Cuddles"

Apparently, Cadel Evans started out his career as an animated bunny who likes to stick forks into electrical outlets. See Above. 

Since that time the nickname "Cuddles" has stuck with the Aussie cyclist (some might say ironically.)

I imagine that the nickname started out as a play on his name; Cadel. Since that time, though, "Cuddles" has taken on a much more sinister nuance.

  1. "It makes the insistence of Cadel Evans on riding to the start with his bodyguard-Serge, a former Belgian policeman nicknamed 'the Muscles from Brussels' [sic] seem a little unnessary. It also makes the Australian's nickname, 'Cuddles', seem more than a little ironic."  (Yes readers, I did not include the entire quote that says that Serge used to be Lance Armstrong's BG. Remember, we are talking about C.E. here. We'll keep Lance out of it.)
  2. Cadel is even mean to his OWN COUNTRYMAN! "After crashing on the previous stage- Evans crossed the line [sic] in no mood to chat. No real change there, then. But, it didn't put off the intrepid Australian reporter, Rupert Guiness. 'A quick word for the folks back home?' asked Guiness as Evans climbed into the team car. 'There's your interview, mate.' responded Evans" When he then threw the helmet into Guiness's left kneecap. (OK- poetic license taken here- the author has removed any evidence that might justify Evans's actions.)
  3. "Are the bubbles for "Cuddles" a little premature?"  YES!
  1. "If you have a nickname, you just get the piss taken out of you in the pelaton."
Bloggers are saying:
  1. "Cadel's only chance is if a different rider lets him suck wheel every day."
  2. "Cuddles loses." followed by a smiley face. Go bloggers
So, in this post I have basically told you nothing of the history of Cadel's nickname. If anyone out there knows 1) who gave him the nickname 2) What they were thinking about when they gave him said nickname 3) a more complete history of the nickname-- Please chime in!

Again, the purpose of this blog is to demonstrate why Andy Schleck Rocks and Cadel Evans does not. As such, more trash talking of Cadel seemed appropriate.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Helen said...

Love the blog! Andy is quite obviously better than Cadel in all ways. He is much more outspoken on drugs and isn't afraid to suck it to the idiots [such as Ricco]

See this quote:- Schleck weighed his first ride in La Grande Boucle as positive despite some bad news. One of the low-points was the news of Riccardo Riccò's drug-related dismissal.

"The race has been nice so far. I had one really bad day - a hunger flat. Bad things happen - Riccò's positive. It is not good for all of sport, but it is good for us. It shows the system is working and that the anti-doping agency is doing a hell of a good job," said Schleck.

He summarised that Riccò was not so popular amongst his colleagues. "He did not have too many friends in the peloton. I am happy I don't have to ride against him now, at least for the next two years. It was shit and it is good that he is gone now."

Did Cadel come out and condemn him so much? No. He was probably too busy protecting his beloved dog.
Also note, Andy can admit his mistakes, such as not eating enough. Can Cadel admit his were not attacking, wheel sucking and relying on a time trial to try and win the TDF? Nah, that's asking for too much ;]

Lastly, a photo you may be interested in if you haven't already seen it. I think this is Andy shaking hands with Cadel [tbh i could be wrong, was hoping you could help!] But if it is kudos to him, cos if that was reversed Cadel wouldnt want to be interrupted, hell he'd probably pelt andy and frank with chips till they left!
The link- http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a182/helsy33/andydoesconverse.jpg

Anyway, love the blog, keep up the good work. This blog always makes me smile. :]

Maggie said...

Thanks Helen! I am trying to track down verification of the photo as I type. In the meantime(without any proof or verification)- I have already used it as more incriminating evidence against "Cuddles."

Good looking out! I can't wait for la Vuelta and the Olympics so that I can have some fresh material to work with.