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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hilarious Outtakes!

Thanks to Emma for sharing this hilarious video!
from Velonews.tv. 

Very funny and great clips that illustrate in great detail where Cadel Evans and Erik Zabel are on the Asshol-o-meter (High). 
Additionally, the video shows the general greatness of Andy Schleck, Big George, Frank Schleck, and Christian VdV. Interviews with all the riders are pretty funny!


Helen said...

Haha. Great video. Andy's so cute when he swears... And I love Frank making everyone laugh, yay. The Julian Dean pop quiz was good ;] Yay for Velonews..

Maggie said...

The pop quiz was funny. I also like the Kim Kirchen song. Kind of reminded me of the wicked witch's soldiers in the wizard of OZ.

Helen said...

Haha! Yeah. I also adored the part with Michael Barry and his child. I love Michael Barry though so i was like naww. And Thomas Lovkvist was just thrown in there to make girls melt. And it worked, or at least on this fangirl it did :]

Sharon said...


"leave me alone"poor guy, really didn't know what was going on.

check out http://tour2008.nos.nl/video/bekijken/ID/tcm:5-399714/tdf-vande-velde-op-bezoek-bij-tourbus-team-csc

Maggie said...

That was funny! I also liked the "pregnant pause" when they asked Frank about Silence Lotto.

Thanks for the vdv clip!

Bridget said...

Haha poor Frank! That pregnant pause counter was funny! Andy is hilarious :)

pinktricity23 said...

hiya just wondering, do you know if that outtakes video still exists? i tried to find it on the velonews site but it seems like they must have gotten rid of it since it's from last year

thanks :)

Maggie said...

Huh- they took it off and I can't find it anywhere. Note to self. record good vids and don't assume they'll always be available.

It was wicked funny too

pinktricity23 said...

awww oh well thanks anyway :)