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Friday, August 8, 2008

Here We Go!

Well I am sitting here in front of my TV and my trusty Mac to bring you live (kind of) blogosphere coverage of the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China.

Tom Brokaw is yapping about how the Chinese are great wall builders (yes they are, Tom) and how they have had such a troubled history. One thing that struck me that I hadn't thought of before was that after the Earthquake that killed sooooo many people earlier this year; many families are grieving their lost children while realizing that China's 1 child per family law ain't going away. Real Nice, China. 

I am also preparing myself to be overwhelmed by what I have read is a "jaw dropping pyrotechnic" display. No surprises there. After all China did invent fireworks. Next time you buy a box of bottlerockets look to see where they were made. Hint: China.

91,000 people are in the Bird's Nest. Holy crap! That's like one whole block in Beijing. Bet the toilet situation isn't pretty. 

Another thing I notice in the US coverage is the almost complete lack of cyclists in the bumpers going into and out of commercials. You know- those warm and fuzzy images with inspirational music in the background? Only cyclists I've seen so far are BMX.  BTW- the US streaming Road Race can be seen tonight starting at 11. 

Note: China brought in thousands of migrant workers (slaves) to build the venues. In the past two weeks they shuffled them out of town---unpaid.

The first 23 minutes have included about 21 1/2 minutes of commercials. Typical USA. And a reason I was kind of bummed that NBC got exclusive coverage of both television and streaming. I am already enough of a mindless zombie, I don't need them sucking me in through their "big brother" like mind scrambling schemes. Better put on my tin foil hat to prevent the gamma rays from entering my brain!

Someone want to tell me what the hell that picture above this paragraph is anyway? A dog? A dragon? OK finally some action. The dignitaries are making their ways to their seats. 80 heads of state have to get their fat behinds into their seats til we can get this show on the road. 

OK- a bunch of Chinese people are playing some kind of lit up drums. Looks pretty cool. Did you know that China has spent more on these Olympics than any other country in history? I didn't. I thought they were spending all their time fixing up their public toilets.

Now it's the countdown. Cool Lot of fireworks. The whole Bird's Nest is lit up and now smoking. That should help the pollution problem

Introduced the head of the IOC. Now a bunch of Chinese monks or something are yelling and hitting the drums. In case you didn't know; the 08-08-08 they kept showing actually stands for "happy in Chinese, no joke.) More precise drumming. Cool- especially the overhead shots.  My husband just burst in to spontaneous applause (Geek.) Break for commercial. So that was the first approximately 5 minutes. So far I am not overwhelmed. 

Now we have the obligatory bunch of little kids looking cute. Whoa! Now the kids hand off the Chinese flag to a bunch of Goose-Stepping soldiers. Hmmmmm.     Is this some kind of subliminal message? 

OK- Now they're singing the Chinese National Anthem "March of the Volunteers (or Die.)  OK I made up the or die part, but don't you think the name of their anthem is kind of funny?Volunteers and China just don't seem like they should be in the same sentence. Another commercial! Holy crap! I'm going to start timing this.  4 minutes later: Some dudes are writing stuff on a giant piece of paper with their bodies. They probably just had to walk around Beijing today to get "blackened" for this act. It's just soot from the air and sidewalks.  Their outfits were probably white earlier this morning.

OMG another commercial! So I get to see 4 minutes of opening ceremony and then 4 minutes of commercials. God Bless America- Land of the all mighty dollar. A Bud commercial, which my husband just told me is now owned by a Belgium company. Geez- we're even outsourcing our most popular red neck beer making. Back to my 4 minutes of Olympic coverage:

A bunch of Confuscian (spelling) monks are walking around with these big sticks on their heads. They just made some sort of design out of these moving blocks. They say the big symbol represents harmony. Hmmmm..... pollution, human rights' issues, problems with urbanization and colonization. Holy crap! Those blocks were PEOPLE! How did they do that? Another commercial........

Well, so far I would say that I am whelmed, rather than overwhelmed, but at least I'm not underwhelmed. Think I'll read my book for a while til it's time to get up for the men's RR. 

Take Care! Peace out dudes and dudettes. I'll check back in the middle of the night with some RR action.

Nice pollution from the fireworks above. Way to go China!

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