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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Find Cuddles

My British Blogger Bud, Helen has a great new game posted on her cycling weblog called "Find Cadel" The object is to find the two actual pictures of Cadel Evans. Brilliant concept, Helen. I think you could find a market for this somewhere. Really.

I'll post the pic here, but you might be able to view it in its larger, more glorious form on Helen's site. 

You might have to scroll down a bit if she's posted anything new. You can't miss this game though. It stands out in a standout blog.

I think I almost have it correct, but I need your help, folks.

A Poll will be posted where you all can cast your votes. It'll work like this: 1-3 are top left to right in the pic. 3-6 are bottom left to right. 

So cast your votes and let's see how we all do. 

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