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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Find Cuddles Poll Closed

Well, again the results are indisputable. The people have spoken. Cadel Evans is the Oompa Loompa #2 and the kind of mad looking dude #5. 

There you have it. Even though Helen and I really think he looks a lot like the Grinch as well.


Helen said...

What are these mental people doing picking number 5? Did they mean to click 4 instead? Hmm..

sansen said...

A room of Cadel Oompahs would be total "EGADS!"

Maggie said...

I admit it- I personally voted for the oompah loompah and cadel #5. The pic didn't really need any modifications. His horrifying(ness) really comes through the page at me.

Helen said...

Haha. Yeah can you imagine if you were driving along in Australia [the only country where they actually like Cuddles!] and you saw like a billboard with that image, number 5, on. I'd scream and probably crash the car. Why would he be on a billboard...err i don't know, i'm just having one of those nights where crazy things pop out of my mouth.

MontyZooma said...

Mmmm, more cyclist bashing by the local trolls. Geeeeeez, why do you waste energy on Cuddles? I am really curious. And why do you think Chicken man rocks more than him? How does a skinny white guy with an elongated head and pasty legs rock more than an Oompah Loompah?
I think oompah's rock more than stick insects....and no doubt they are better all round cyclists.