Whose Gloucester video is better?

Thursday, August 28, 2008


It's not a talk show, but his entries are pretty funny in Zabriskie's Point.

Below is a funny video "Z Bottle Slam" The guy who posted it on youtube gave the following description:
"Dave Zabriskie, racing with the little guys at a local Utah race slammed his water bottle on the pavement and hit my girl, she is just fine but he called her and sent her some CSC paraphernalia and a CSC Jersey."


Below: Dave Z is all Emo


Helen said...

Aw. I love the fact you are getting into DZ, I've been trying to spread the DZ love for a few years now. He's such an underrated character.
And that bottle thing is slightly amusing. He seems like such a nice guy, Zabriskie's point is funny and have you heard the story how he met his wife? I'm sure i've probably told you but it's classic.
He walked into a party that Randi [his wife] mum was hosting with a boombox put it in the middle of the floor and started dancing. It caught her eye and she got talking to him and voila!

Maggie said...

Cool! Have boombox- will travel!