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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Damn Cyclists!

So- this is kind of random, but I was just listening to NPR and there's this politician in San Francisco who is trying to ban cyclists in the city. 

I immediately started exploring cyclist haters on the peer reviewed, research based site, youtube.com.  Many of the videos are quite funny and I'll post my favorite one here.

One thing I noticed. Maybe you can explain this to me, Helen. Many of these cyclist haters seem to be British. Could this be why there aren't many Brit riders in the pro pelaton? Do they stick to the track because they are afraid they will be run down by a hater?


Helen said...

Yep, we seem to be big cycling haters. Whether it be complaints of them being maniacs or annoying on the road [our own fault because we don't accommodate for them! hardly anywhere has bike lanes and people are allowed to park their cars in them, ridiculous!] Also it's not culture to bike here. Go to Belgium and everone bikes, they don't drive anywhere near as much. Whereas here it's all about the driving or walking, biking is less common. Other haters are just the ones who go 'oh it's so boring. a bunch of blokes on a bike, wow.' and don't appreciate the effort/work/ fabulousness of cycling. I have to come online to find people who share my love of it. So it explains a lot.
There's always stuff on cyclingnews.com about cars hitting riders, and the drivers usually blame the cyclists. Pft. I hope that politician fails, maybe we could ship Cadel over to them and he could get on his whinging voice for an actual useful purpose! If only CVV was president, he'd sort this. Can't count on George W. for anything!

Maggie said...

Well W. will be gone in November one way or another.

With gas prices over here skyrocketing there are a lot more bikes on the road. Which I think is cool.

More randomness- people don't get cycling. I was trying to explain to my friend that I couldn't talk because I was watching the Tour. She says " what do they say? There's a guy pedaling...look he's pedaling some more."

Oh well- at least there is a subculture of lunatics who love i

Helen said...

Ah yes, the looming elections. Who gets your vote? Gotta say from what i know [not claiming to be an expert since i've barely had time for anything but cycling atm] Obama looks about the best. Exactly! None of my friends have ever understood it and i get a lot of stick about my love/obsession. Although one of my best friends actually rang me during the Madison to admit that he has really been getting into the track cycling, so maybe i can convert some. Ah well. I just log on here or my blog to join the madness!
When gas prices rocketed people just complained yet continued to drive. Idiots. Though there is one guy i always see, about 50 I'd say, every year wears the most current CSC jersey, i always see him in the mornings if i'm off to work.

sansen said...

I would not have taken the British-at-large to disregard cycling. Perhaps I can be grateful to live in Upper Midwest/Great Lakes where cycling gets some appreciation after all the adoration for hunting and fishing (Oh, those are Schleck hobbies!). Still, the cycle love is microscopic compared to, say, the West Coast. However, I do take issus with the Critical Mass people who come out the last Fridays of every month. They rampage through the Twin Citiian streets enough that the police come out because their peloton is so undisciplined. And speak of the Dubya, he will be in my city (Saint Paul) for the big old party-a-thon Republican Convention. Egads!?

MontyZooma said...

Damn Trolls.....