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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Christian VandeVelde: Love Him!

I found a pic of Christian VdV in a suit. YES- VdV has kind of a goofy smile, but that's what makes him cute! Here he is seen with Tom Danielson, Lucas Euser and Emcee Dave Towle.

In this pic VdV gets silly with Chipotle team members: L-R  Tom Peterson, Dave Zabriski, Steven Cozza, and David Millar. Christian is the one whose butt is facing us. Pic represents Overall Team victory following stage 7 of the Amgen Tour of California on February 24, 2008. Notice the trademark backward hat on VdV?

Another backward hat here as VdV does a climbing wall with some unidentified (to me) excited looking red haired dude. 

Christian is preparing to launch a snowball (maybe at an effigy of Cadel?) with Mike Friedman in Boulder, Colorado.

Just love his cute and goofy smile! Go Christian!


Helen said...

Aw, these pics are awesome. Poor Tom Danielson, will he ever get to shine properly?
And I love the champagne spraying fest, note how DZ is trying to hide behind some black plastic?!
Aw, i had some cool pics from that snowball fight, but i lost them :s

sansen said...

Oh, if only VandeVelde (and Zabriskie) remained with CSC then I would not be so torn for which team deserved my cheers because four (five) of my favorite male cyclists (including Cancellara, Schleck, and Schlecklet of course) would be there. Anyway, at least the Nationals and World's make cheering easier because it is every one for, er, one's self. Then again, it is so difficult to decide about one's World's dream podium...

Helen said...

Well, you should tidy up your indecision then, it's not hard to decide my dream podium Sansen! Quite easy infact! For the Road Race- Frank Schleck, Andy Schleck and Valverde will do me nicely. In any order, i'm not fussy! And for the TT Cancellara, Rogers and Zabriskie with Cancellara in Gold and the others in either. See, easy! And not one mention of me wanting Evans up there...whoops. My bad.

Helen said...

Sansen, if that in any way sounded mean/agressive/sarcastic it wasn't intended...well except the Cadel Evans part. I realise that how i say it is different to how it looks when typed :[ Damn my British way of writing things!

Maggie said...

Dream Podium US Nationals

1. Christian VdV
2. Dave Z
3. Levi (even though I think he's kind of a punk)

World's Elite

hmmm.....Can Bettini do a repeat? I personally don't think so.

1. Frank Schleck
2. Christian VdV (I really think that his self confidence has come a long way and that it will show in the World's
3. Andy Schleck BBR in the Universe (He has to pay his dues before he can really start opening that can of whup ass)

World's ITT


1. Bradley Wiggins ( He impressed the hell out of me in Beijing- probably a long shot)
2. Cancellara (no brainer- He'll definitely be in the top 3)
3.VdV again- Same reasons

Sorry Helen- I just think Dave Z is having kind of an off season.

Maggie said...


Sarcasm, snarkiness, irony, and controvery are always welcome at :


In case you haven't noticed I have a bit of a mean streak in me. Although, I've tried to keep today's posts light and happy after yesterday's Cuddles trashing :)

helen said...

Well it's a dream podium so I can keep DZ but realistically i think Mick Rogers has a chance, he seems to be coming back into form. Though i still think it'll be Cancellara vs Schumacher and we all know who i want to come out top there. Not CSC biased at all. *cough* I'm glad Wiggo impressed you, he's one hell of a guy and rider :]
I too have a mean streak fueled by sarcasm. I had to/still having to bite my tongue with that other fella. I won't have people bashing Frank or Andy, but I don't like to start verbal wars on other people's blogs! I'll wait till he finds mine i reckon.

sansen said...

To Helen, I totally read sarcasm well in blogs since the majority of blogs I visit are jam-packed with insightful snarkiness. When it comes to bicycling forums (as of late) lots of it is devoted to observing Cuddles (not his eyebrows) as it appears he is going off (perhaps in the way that Boonen went off with drunk driving, eh?). I just remain indecisive whe it comes to Cycling Dream Teams (and the next presidential election in my the crazy USA).

Anyway, I want VandeVelde, Hincapie, and Zabriskie to podium at the USA Nationals, at least to podium over L'il Ole Levi who creeps me out a wee bit. As for the World (not universe) how about the Road Race being, oh, any combination of Frank, Andy, and Alejandro or even to Sastre or Zabel to prove it to their naysayers that he has lots left in their respective lungs and legs. As for good old ITT, gold, silver, and bronze all to Cancellara.

And if the cursed Cuddles must medal, let it be silver. Always the eternal bridesmaid like Ulrich, huh?

Maggie said...

Hey Sansen,

I think I am going to vote for Andy Schleck for Pres with Nader for VP in November. Want to start a "grass roots" movement with me?

Actually, since Andy isn't a natural born citizen- that wouldn't work, would it? How bout VdV as Pres?

Either that or Paris Hilton. Whaddaya think?

sansen said...

Actually, I amd partial to Judge Judy and her bailiff as choices for President and Vice President since the cyclists will be sleeping and/or vacationing come Election Day.

Anyway, Andy Schleck can be President of the Universe. With his authority he can sentence Cobra-mouth Ricco to climb HC hills on a planet with superhigh gravity for Eternity. Mwhahahaha!

Maggie said...

In my best Dr. Evil voice: MMMWWWAhahahahahaha!

Great idea. Betcha Andy could fly that X-Wing and would make Yoda proud! "Crash and burn he won't."

I also think you are truly prophetic in anticipation of a serious melt-down for Cadel. Hopefully if he is DUI- it's on his piece of crap bike and not in a car.

The guy is definitely unbalanced. I see Chiara (or Molly- can't remember which one's the wife and which is the dog) appearing on Dr. Phil before Christmas. And it ain't gonna be because Cadel won the World's.

Helen said...

Haha! Great theories guys! Particularly the Ricco idea, though i'd rather just catapult him in a shuttle into space trapped with just one item-an actual cobra. Let's see who wins that fight eh.
I would like a big style meltdown, one that even Chiara can't defend. I always think he'll do something crazy like threaten Chiara with decapitation or attack a teammate [probably Popovych since he was about as useful as a satsuma would have been in the Tour]. One that makes Boonen's look minor cos i like Tom.
I think we could be seeing the meltdown earlier than the Worlds. I mean if he's gonna be riding the Vuelta, getting his ass kicked [again] by Contador who has been training hard for it, see this photo from one gruelling session-http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a182/helsy33/contadortrainshard.jpg - not to mention Sastre, Valverde, Efimkin and probably everyone really. He'll crack, in one stage Contador will just ride past him, smile and sprint his way up a HC climb making it look like a flat road, then Valverde will pass him and give him that trademark smirk which i love and Cadel will snap, lob his bike at nearby spectators who are cheering their Spaniards, scream, cry and punch he who dares to touch his shoulder. I hope they get it on film :]

Helen said...

Guess what. Just been on cyclingnews.com and Cuddles isn't even doing the Vuelta anymore. His knee injuries are more serious than thought and he could miss the rest of the season which could mean no worlds for him. Tick tock-how long till he explodes in a big rant/moan?

sansen said...

Please pause as I use bad Internet speech to say, "ZOMG liek teh Cuddels iz out cuz of teh knees (not to be confused with Christian Knees of Milram) liek 4evah?" Well, hopefully he can heal for the next Tour so what Helen envisioned can come into being there.

Maggie said...

oic cuddles iz 86 cuz he iz zzz. @teotd he iz ab.

wtf? Y am i writing in IM?

I think I'll call in for the next few weeks and say it's cuz I slipped on beer.

Hopefully the antidepressants- I mean antii-inflammatory meds are helping him.