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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Christian VandeVelde Fan Club Coming Soon!

SWEET! So- I contacted Slipstream Sports and asked in VdV had a fan club. If not, I wanted permission to start a web-based fan club site. 

Here is the response I got:

"Hello Maggie,

Thanks for writing with your interest in Team Garmin-Chipotle H3O and specifically Christian Vande Velde. I forwarded your request on to him and he wrote back to say you should just go for it. He doesn't have a fan club site and thinks this would be cool. Once it is up and running, just send along the link so I can forward it to him.


Web Editor
Team Garmin-Chipotle presented by H30

So- do I have any takers to sign up once I get this thing off the ground? I'll start working with iWeb soon. Damn- why do I have to go back to work next week?


Helen said...

Count me in Maggie! :] That's pretty awesome. They seem like such a cool team, so accessible!

sansen said...

I'm totally in!

Karen said...

omg that's so awesome for you!
Sorry i haven't left any comments lately but I've been very busy!
But still love your blog ;-)

Maggie said...

OK- cool so we'll have at least 3 people in the fan club. Christian deserves more, but it's a start.

I'm going to keep the fan club site all nice- no meanness. The Cadel bashing will continue here though.

I kinda figured after his lackluster Olympic performance he would use the knee as an excuse to wimp out on the Vuelta and I'm betting World Championships too. Poor Cadel.

Helen, I like your scenario for Cuddles breakdown- throwing his bike at the poor Spaniards... hee hee hee. Oh well, next year's Tour's HCs could be fun to watch if he can just stew until then.

I built the site today using iWeb. But I am having a prob with FTP. Damn Apple wants me to use some flippin weird domain. Hopefully it will be up within the next 24 hours.

Maggie said...

Hi Karen,
So you'll be fan #4 I hope? Cool!

Anonymous said...

I kind of like Christian VDV and he has belgian origins so you can count me in ;-)

Maggie said...

Fabulous, anonymous! He deserves a fan club IMHO.