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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Choo! Choo! : All Aboard the Andy Train! Next Stop Schleckville!

For the Schleck's: Bike Racing is a Family Affair.

Or, a Look Into the Psyche and Hobbies of Andy Schleck

Andy is not just a nice guy; he is an awesome cyclist who is sure to win the Tour de France at least 8 times! (Yes I am giving him one more win than Lance had.)

Andy's dad (Johnny) is an ex-pro and his boys started cycling while they were still in diapers. (Kind of a pain for Andy's mom)

Johnny competed with Belgian legend (and cannibal) Eddy Merckx. Yet, the Schleck household is surprisingly humble when it comes to bike racing.

According to Johnny, "We don't talk much about cycling at home." We usually just do normal family things. We wear our Darth Vader costumes, and watch NetFlix movies (our favorites include Mrs. Doubtfire- That Robin Williams is sooo funny, and Titanic- Yes all of us Schleck's cry when Kate Winslet is on the prow of that ship.) We also enjoy visiting other Luxembourgers, and speaking Luxembourgish. 

Andy's Favorite Things:
  1. Andy loves long walks on the beach with pretty podium girls.
  2. Andy is also a huge supporter of New England Pug Rescue. HE LOVES PUGS! "They are just too cute and if I can help find just one good home in Luxembourg for a needy pug, I feel that I have made a difference," says Andy.
  3. Playing darts with his brother Frank is another of Andy's "down-time" activities. Guess whose face they use as a target? You got it! Cuddles!
  4. Favorite Music: Cyberpiper- Birelding  Traditional Luxembourg Folk Music combined with an Electronic Groove. 
  5. Mac or PC?  "Definitely Mac," says Andy. "They're just cooler, you know?"
  6. Andy is also very proud of his Luxembourgish heritage. He says. "We may be the smallest member-nation of the EU, but we have the biggest hearts!"
  7. Andy's favorite holidays: May 31- Whit Monday and September 1- Luxembourg City Kermesse.
  8. Andy loves to discuss 18th and 19th century literature with fellow cyclists as they climb mountains. Favorite author: Voltaire.
Hope this post has helped you to better understand the Cycling Phenomenon 
named Andy Schleck.

NOTE: All of Andy's Quotes and most of Johnny's were made up and are things that I prefer personally. Except for the Darth Vader costumes, I prefer Princess Leiah.


Anonymous said...

first of all, i love your blog xD
you said you've made up all these statements, but i think andy actually said sth about being really proud of his luxembourgish heritage.. or sth like that xD
go andy xD

Maggie said...

Thanks for the props anonymous. Personally I think I'm about to jump the shark. Been circling the tank for a few days. Maybe the Olympics and la Vuelta will give me more fuel for the Andy Train!

I am sure he's proud to be from Luxembourg. Beautiful country from all I have read about it. Plus I don't really believe that they wear Darth Vadar costumes do you? Can't believe everything you read on the internet!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, i really hope he's gonna be successful at the Olympics, that would be so awesome :)
Nope, we definately don't wear Darth Vader costumes. At least I've never seen one here.

Maggie said...

Cool- You're actually from Luxembourg?

Anonymous said...

Yep :)

Maggie said...

Who's the 3d Rider for Luxembourg's Men's Road Cycling in the Olympics? I know Frank and Andy are the first 2.

Don't think either Schleck brother has to worry much about Cadel :)

Anonymous said...

The 3rd rider is Kim Kirchen. I like him but i definately like the Schleck's better :)
Yeah, Cadel just doesn't rock.

Maggie said...

Boink! I knew that. Kirchen rocks + he is on Team Columbia. Here's my pics for gold,silver,bronze
Gold= Andy
Bronze= Christian VandeVelde (or Levi L.)

Anonymous said...

Yaayy ^^
Andy's gonna get gold :P