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Friday, August 8, 2008

China: Over 100 Bloggers in Jail!

Holy Crap! China has imprisoned over 100 BLOGGERS for what they perceive as controversial, dissidence on the web! Yours truly would definitely be rotting in jail if she were a Chinese Blogger right about now. Even in the safety of my own home; I am in fear of the black vans pulling in and grabbing me.

If you don't hear from me for a while it's because China has imprisoned me! (Or because I will be in Las Vegas next week and will be too busy gambling to blog.)

Reporters without Borders is staging an online protest outside of a "virtual Bird's Nest" (The main venue and where the opening ceremonies are taking place RIGHT NOW!) Feel free to add your voice to the thousands who are involved in this Cyber Demonstration.

China, you better watch out! All of us nebulous, ethereal, internet people are protesting your stance on Human Rights!


Helen said...

Good afternoon [or at least in the UK..],
I should be surprised by this but i'm not. They had threatened it. It's ridiculous, talk about taking freedom of speech here for granted.
Ah yes, Las Vegas, enjoy! Put money on Andy :P
My hope for 6 hours of coverage has been dealt a blow, Eurosport are only covering it from 7.15am onwards [it starts at 4am our time] so i'm gonna have to use online feeds. Pft.

Maggie said...

'm going to have to get up or stay up from 2:30 AM to 5:30 AM to see the RR tonight. Otherwise it's a half hour of coverage on TV tomorrow. Bogus.

I'm hoping to get good coverage somehow somewhere for the TT while I'm in Vegas. Might have to watch it on my phone.

Definitely going to try to find Olympic betting in Vegas - I love Andy, but don't think I'd put money on him for the TT though. Maybe Levi.

Can you believe this China Blogger crap??!! Unfrigginbelievable!

BTW- loved your post on Carlos and his charity work. What a nice guy!

Helen said...

Boo, your coverage sounds no better :[ I can't even see a highlights program for the RR so if i sleep through my alarm i'm screwed.
Yeah ok maybe not bet on Andy in a TT :| Levi or Zabriskie are much safer bets!
I can believe it, i mean how dare some bloggers try and tell it like it is. Cos the rest of the world can't see how crap they are with human rights and the pollution. And what are they gonna do about all the books on how they killed their own and their communist ways?

Thanks! I thought it was time something positive got highlighted about a cyclist rather than the bad stuff the pros get up to.

Maggie said...

Well I'll be up at 2:30 to watch it. What the heck- might as well get my body clock screwed up for Vegas.

I like Zabrieski for the TT as well. hmmm.... might have to reconsider my picks.

Procyclists and Bloggers Rock! China does not!