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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cadel's Bike

DING! DING! Here comes the Shitmobile!

The subtitle was stolen...er...borrowed from Maddox. Thanks Maddox! Hilarious website! You are my hero! I just don't agree with your views on Macs, but that's OK.


Helen said...

Haha, gotta love Cadel's bike! Maybe he didn't really slip on beer, his shitty bike collapsed into a billion pieces beneath him :P

This is my response to your comment, thought it'd be easier to do it on here. I have compiled a list of who is missing! So far no-one has been sited anywhere, they're all locked down training hard for the olympics or starting holidays i imagine.
Missing are:- 3 Liquigas riders, none of the big names. 6 riders of Astana, only Contador and some randomer finished! 2 of Caisse d'Epargne, no big names. 6 members of CSC- Sastre, Gustov, Sorensen, Julich, Cuesta and someone else. Oh lord let them be ok! 6 members of Saunier duval/scott-american beef. Only de la fuene survived. 7 members of Silence Lotto [8 if you include Cuddles pulled out], but hey to make a conspiracy work, kidnap your own riders too! 7 of Rabobank, only Menchov survived. 7 riders of gerolsteiner, notably Markus fothen, sebastian lang. the ENTIRE Fran├žaise des Jeux squad, 3 of euskaltel, 5 of Columbia, 7 credit agricoule riders, 6 AG2R riders, including efimkin!, 7 bouyges telecom, 3 quickstep, 6 cofidis, 6 milram, 4 lampre and 6 karpin galicia riders.
Quite an abduction!

Yep the road race mens elite final [ie andy and franks one] is the 9th, starts at 4am for me! But i'll be there. Supporting Andy, Frank and 'Grim Kim' Kirchen [google it;]]

Gotta love Big George! He's a roomie with one of my heroes Dave Zabriskie, who i thought would miss it with his bust up back but here's a quote to prove otherwise:- Zabriskie said he is unsure what to expect - from the housing to the food. But he is hoping that some of the veterans, such as George Hincapie, will be a helpful Olympic guide. "I got a text from George today to say, 'Make sure we are room-mates - and bring a lot of movies!'

Mmm I may be British but i'm not a huge Cavendish fan, he's a little arrogant..not in a good way all the time. But he and Wiggins will kick ass on the Madison track finals i'm sure. There are some awesome cyclists, gives us much to blog about eh!

Maggie said...

One thing I just thought of. Aren't sprinters like Cavendish supposed to be cocky? Kind of like strutting little roosters? Only showing up in the last 5 seconds of the race? :=) Arrogance goes with the job kinda.