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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cadel Wins Coveted Grey Hoodie!

Thank you to my hundreds....er...dozens....er...dozen....OK-maybe 5 readers who inspired me to investigate what Cadel Evans is doing NOW.....one week after the 2008 Tour de France.

Through my tireless efforts and middle school level PhotoShop tm skills; I again bring you the most exclusive breaking news on why Andy Schleck Rocks and Cadel Evans does not. 

As seen above, Cadel Evans returns to his hometown of Arthurs Creek (If it's Arthur's Creek shouldn't there be an apostrophe??!!) wearing the "Grey Hoodie" Category Jersey from the 2008 Tour de France. This jersey represents the "most boring GC contender." Maybe all that beer on "rest days" slowed you down, Cadel?

Boring during the actual racing that is. Cadel's post-stage interviews were actually quite funny. See previous posts.

As you can see, Cadel is now trying to become the dictator of Australia. I thought Australia was a parliamentary democracy??!!  Further, he wants Australians to give him beer in addition to complete power! (Probably Foster's Lager.)  Australians! Stand up and don't hand over the reins to the likes of Cadel Evans!

Actually, Cadel has fallen on hard times since his second place finish in this year's Tour. He has been reduced to begging for beer (and cookies for his dog, Molly.) He has recently been seen at intersections in Arthurs Creek with a dirty rag trying to wash windshields. 

Tidbit: Cadel Evans' favorite quote: "Ride fast, live slow." 
Shouldn't it be just the opposite for you, Mr. (2nd place) Evans? Ride slow, live fast? 


Helen said...

Cadel as dictator? Think how boring he'd be, no-one would stay awake during his broadcasts! Who'd vote for him..hm!
Anyway thanks to the link here, i find this quote particularly interesting :- Personal ambition: 'To live a happy and productive life'

Cadel rarely looks happy, i mean even when he got his dog at the tour all he did was scream at people. And productive...well i suppose 2nd place is productive..ish.
I truly think they should introduce the grey 'most boring guy' jersey, however i'm sure people would complain because he'd have dibs it on for the full 3 weeks.
Still loving the blog! I owe you thanks too, for a while i've been obsessing over cycling in general with no output but you inspired me to start my own blog on cycling in general. Of course with biased views on the Schlecks and other cyclists. Feel free to check it out www.helsy33.skyrock.com

Maggie said...

Awesome! Isn't Blogging great! My husband and daughter think I'm nuts.

Should we contact Christian Prudhomme and Jean Francois Pescheux about adding the new jersey category? We could start a petition. Bloggers Unite!

I'll add you to my links.


Helen said...

omg yes! Prudhomme would probably go for it, afterall it's more money for him cos he'd get a sponsor to pay money to advertise on it.
What company would take it up i wonder?
And thankyou very much, I'll be sure to reference this one somewhere on mine, still getting to grips with it!

EatPlayLove said...
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EatPlayLove said...

I was in a post dinner fog with that comment, my apologies. Mixing up sastre and cadel. LOL!

I still believe Andy will take yellow in 2010.

Maggie said...

hi Eat play love,
After dinner fog is OK. Sastre rocks! This blog is all in fun anyway. I'm a teacher who is having some separation anxiety from le Tour, the summer off, and had some serious downtime for a couple of weeks. The blog kind of developed from there.

I'm betting Andy will do well in the Olympics and la Vuelta.

I am a fan of Big George as well. And do remember Ullrich. Remember his irate denials of doping. But he sure got caught doing something.