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Friday, August 1, 2008

Cadel Evans Tries to Steal Andy's Brother Frank's French Fries

Thanks for this great photo, Helen! It is definitely Cadel Evans. I recognized his evil countenance from a mile away. Here are some questions that I have after analyzing the image.

  1. Is Andy reaching out to Cadel in a gesture of good will and friendship? YES. Will it be slapped away by "Cuddles?" Unfortunately, the answer to that question is an unqualified YES as well.
  2. Has Cadel just snatched some of Frank's French fries? Is Andy saying, "Hey! What the He&%! Get your own french fries Cadel Evans!
  3. Is Cadel about to snatch his hand back, rub it over his cap and say "Psych!" to Andy?
  4. Where is Cadel's dog? How come he gets to bring a dog into France anyway? Most people have to wait months with their poor pups in quarantine. Cadel just gets to waltz in with his rabid dingo?!
Thanks for the link to Andy's stance on drugs, Helen. You're right! Has "You-Know-Who" come out with such a strong anti-doping message? NO! Maybe that's because he is currently starting a regimen of Thorazine, Lithium, and Ritalin to combat his "anger issues."

Hey, Cadel- buddy- if it keeps you from escalating your violent behavior- go for it man! Watch out for the whiz quiz at the Olympics though. Maybe you can use your dingo's urine?


Helen said...

No problem, I have a useful library of cycling photos.
Today's boredom provides further proof Andy is not only a better cyclist but generally better, he has hobbies, such as stealing Tim de Waele's camera and photographing things. With good taste too, choosing Frank and here, himself as a subject!

What are Cadel's off the bike hobbies I wonder?

AND, Andy dresses himself quite nicely, unlike Cadel in the other photo..

AND AND does Cadel have his own fan group? Andy has like 3!

Bring on the olympics, I'm thinking a 1,2 with Andy and Frank :]

If you want any more pics of either Schleck boys feel free to e-mail me- cleefox@gmail.com They may or may not help with the quest but he looks good :P

KayBabes said...

For the record, I think one of Cadel's hobbies is looking after his god Molly. Or Chiara. One of them is his wife. I get confused.

KayBabes said...

Oops. I meant "dog", not "god", obviously. I get confused which...

Maggie said...

Thanks KayBabes,
Looking after his dog/god Molly is definitely one of Cadel's big "down-time" activities. If anyone so much as even TOUCHES her he threatens to cut off their head! Maybe new topic? Cadel worships dog god?

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