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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cadel: Before and After

So- Sansen commented in one of today's posts that " Dude, his eyebrows have got to scare the other cyclists."

Sansen, I totally agree with you. His eyebrows are frightening in the earlier posts' picture. (Shown at bottom here.) Unfortunately, that is how he looks AFTER he goes in for an all-day waxing event. 

The people at the salon must cringe when they see him coming. "Get out the shop vac! That Hairy-ass Cadel Evans wants his eyebrows done again!"

So- these three pictures represent the hours of labor and gallons of hot wax needed to transform Cadel from horrifying to just scary.

Above: Here is Cadel about 3/4 done. The shop-vac's bag has been 
changed about 3 times already.

Finally, Mr. Evans emerges from the salon and in Sansen's words he is now only "scary." Imagine how Chiara must feel when she has to shave 
his back??!!


sansen said...

I just hope you're not going to post any pictures of Cadel smooching Chiara next.

Maggie said...


sansen said...

I just had to encourage you...