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Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Best I Can Do:

Well, I am pretty technically declined. Emma sent me a link to a 2007 Interview with Andy that has some footage from when he was 13 years old, more recent stuff about his family and friends, and about his awesome performance in the Giro D'Italia 2007.

I downloaded the video, but when I went to play it back The people were upsidedown, backwards and green. Don't understand what the problem is, but I will share the directions to this video with you all so you can see it in a decent format.

Go to http://rtl.lu/tele/videoarchiv/

Under where it says Emmissioune select 3 Juni 2007 for Vum
Select 3 Juni 2007 for Bis

Then click sichen

When you get there click Journal and you are good to go.

Andy's portion starts at about 1:40 and goes to about 11:00.It's really cute. Shows his fanclub, his mom and dad, and of course THE BEST BIKE RACER IN THE UNIVERSE: ANDY SCHLECK!


Hopefully I can figure out what the problem is with my downloading skills. :)



Maggie said...

FYI- I have the file now with the people rightside up, not backwards and not green. Am still working with it. I WILL get this up!

Karen said...

I totally love your blog.
Your so funny.
But unfortunately I can never watch windows media player files on the internet :( so hopefully you'll be able to put the video on youtube ^^

Maggie said...

hmmm... The Andy Video on RTL.lu usually opens in RealPlayer. It gives you an option on the bottom for Windows MP. Can you use RealPlayer?

Glad you like the blog, but I should really get a life.

Karen said...

No i can't and I can't choose which kind of player is being used but I'll wait patiently ;-)