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Monday, August 25, 2008

Artsy Andy Pics (and I think he probably has a girlfriend)

Andy is triumphant as he beats Carlos Sastre at the Shiptout on July, 29, 2008. Carlos doesn't look like he minds too much though. Actually looks like they're just having fun to me.

 Anyone know what the Shiptout was? I have no clue. Photo Credits Irmo Keizer/Adrenaline Media.

Sorry the pics are crappy- you can view them better at Irmo Keizer's Flikr account.

Andy is on Carlos's wheel for the same unfathomable (to me) shiptout.

Did he really get a tattoo??? There?? OMG!!

Sorry Rina, I think Andy probably has a girlfriend (or two.) But, don't give up hope. He's young. Go meet him and ask him out for coffee. He'd probably go for it. Seriously- He is such a cool guy.


pon said...


nice blog, been watching for some days.

the pictures are from the profronde in stiphout, which is an after tour criterium in the netherlands.

you can find more pictures on http://www.profronde-stiphout.nl/v8/image/tid/9

Maggie said...

Thanks Pon!

sansen said...

Yea, more Andy links!

I just hope we're not running out of online sources for pics on him.

Oh yeah, thankfully there're are more races ahead!

Helen said...

Apparently the tatoo is fake, it was for a promo thing, cos Frank has a similar thing. But hey he could have a tattoo! Many cyclists do.
Erm he didn't have a girlfriend in June time [saw a live webchat feed with Frank who when asked about girlfriends said 'me and my brother are both single' so there's still hope. Though you wouldn't think either of them would be short of offers! I think I'm a bit young for Frank.. boo.

Maggie said...

I figured the tattoo was a promo, but you have to admit...it looks GOOD!

Too young for Frank?? What's 10 years these days?

When you become a pro photographer you'll have to get an in with the pelaton and hook up with Frankie!

sansen said...

Has anyone else seen Pelotoons? If not, there is one very Manga-esque picture of Frank and Andy:


There is also the hilarious drawing of Chicken Rasmussen:


Also, the poster shall be admired for stating: "Most Agressive Rider - It will never be a man by the certain name of Cadel Evans!!!!"

Maggie said...

Awesome cartoons! You know I'm going to post the Schlecks!

Maggie said...

Do you guys think that Andy looks slightly uncomfortable with that dude in front of him? I do! More proof that he is heterosexual. Because that is how I interpret it; it is so.

Rina said...

LOL, I laughed when I saw this!
I was like " go Andy, and why I am not surprised ;-) " but cute picture for sure, and I might do the coffe thing.
Properly gets the chance later or next year, going to Luxembourg on vacation on bike and I might also go to next years tour de france.
I also like that you know that is it me who asked about it, even though I forgot to write my name in the comment lol
Just was curious. During le tour, here in Denmark we have Rolf Sørensen, who has biked togeather with Bjarne, to comment all the stages in the tour and at the last stage to Paris, you could text in to the television station to say congrats, hi ect to team CSC and all the texts were like congrats to Carlos, Frank and Andy. And how the the guys could be without a lady these weeks. Really funny.
Got some video from tour, from danish television with a reporter inteviewing Andy in Paris, its in english with danish subtittles. You want that?
Still waits for the annonce of vuelta lol

Bridget said...

Noooo don't say Andy has a girlfriend. Haha I'd say the tattoo is a promo for Asport. Stiphout was a post tour crit in the Netherlands on the 30th of July.

Maggie said...

Hi Rina,

I would love it if you could forward the video on to me! It would definitely be posted! Do you need my email?

If you get a chance to do coffee with Andy you BETTER take pictures!!!!!

Some day I'll get to the Tour de France. :( Maybe


Helen said...

I'm considering using part of my scholarship money to fund me going to Paris to catch the final stage of the tour. I'd rather do the whole three weeks but i'm short of a crew to come with me and the money. But i figure on the Champs, i'll stalk out the Andy and Frank fanclub and hang there till the boys come over so i can party with them ;]
Rina that's really cool, hope you get to meet him :]

Rina said...

Maggie :-) : " Well hi :-)
Here is my email c.hartmeyer@webspeed.dk
You can send your email adress there, I will find the videoes for you so you can post them. There is one with Frank as well.
Its good!
I will send pictures if I am lucky lol.
Just have got the brochures about Luxembourg I have ordered, so the planning can begin
- Looking forward to hear from you. "

Helen: " Thanks :-)
I really think you should do it lol
Its not everyday you get the chance, and i am sure the fanclub will be delighted to have more people on board.
You have to understand that Tour de France is a big thing here in Denmark, because we are a biking country, plus Bjarne have won one year ect. A of families,people here is actually only vacationing when the tour is, often go to france or other placeses to watch it.
I have been on alpe d.huez once, actually in 2006 when Frank won!
It was amazing - so GO! "

Rina also says great blog to Pon and hi to sansen :-)

sansen said...

Hehehe. Frank looks so maniacally awesome as he passes Cuddles on the seventh picture down on this page which I'm sure everyone's seen but go see it again:



Oh, Rina, I look forward to any vids and pics you have to share with any of us.

Maggie said...

Hey Sansen
That Frank pic is Awesome. Also like maniacal Christian VdV. I'm putting in a link and posting the pics!

sansen said...

ZOMG! Pardon the Internetese, but there's hilarious stuff at Ventoux.Tv like Frank cussing after winning Amstel 2006. Then there's one where he and others like Voigt and Zabriskie draw their first bikes. There're at http://www.ventoux.tv/
and require certain types of video viewers.

Maggie said...

Awesome link Sansen! I'm going to try to extract some clips. I will have to use my highly skilled technical knowledge. Hey- my mouse just lost its ball- what do I do?????????

Rina said...

Just have sent you goodies Maggie, hope its useful :-)