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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Andy in a Suit and Cute Christian VDV

Isn't Andy cute in his Lux Olympic Opening Ceremony suit?

I LOVE Christian VDV. He always has a cute smile and seems like a totally nice guy. Check out this interview with him. He talks about how he hangs with the Schlecks (which definitely shows he's cool.) Also, discussed is how he is aiming for the podium at next year's Tour.  LOVE him! 

Quick Fact: Christian's dad, John VandeVelde was a swimmer turned cyclist who was inducted into the US Bicycling Hall of Fame. He built the Vandedrome in NYC for the 1998 Goodwill Games. 

Helen, Christian says don't buy a Huffy. His bike weighs 15 lbs and costs about 6-7,000 $ US. But he hasn't had to actually buy a bike since he was about 17.

Just Love Christian's smile! He is too cute! 
Wish I could find a picture of him in the Polo suit he sported for the opening ceremonies. (Even though I thought the US outfits looked kind of cheesy) 

Can't wait until the US Nationals at the end of the month to see Christian kick butt!

1 comment:

Helen said...

Haha, point taken. No huffy bikes :] And he does seem like a lovely guy, and he's racing clean, gotta be a good thing.
He has a nice accent actually and a cute smile. And anyone who goes hunting with the Schleck HAS to be cool!