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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Andy Attacks: Or Olympic Results

Above: Andy's attack! In this photo he is followed by Alexander Kolobnev (Rus) 
and Samuel Sanchez (Spain)

Andy and Frank Before the Race

Andy did an awesome job! Thanks for the link EatPlayLove!

Sanchez Rides Into Gold!
Click Here for Final Results 
(in other words- who finished, if they finished, and where they finished timewise.)

In the final circuit of the 2008 Olympics Men's Elite Road Race; Andy Schleck showed his mettle to all of us. And proved yet again that he IS the best bike racer in the Universe.

"Another attack, this time from Luxembourg's Andy Schleck, split the leaders, forcing Rebellin, Rogers, Russian Alexander Kolobnev and Spaniard Samuel Sanchez to go off on their own. With Evans and a few other contenders sitting just 10 secs in their wake, with another fierce turn of pace on the climb around 14k to go, whittled the group down further. It ultimately left the 23 -yr old Luxemburger with formidable Italian on his wheel and proved too much for Rogers, who was ultimately left struggling..... and gasping for air." 

So here were my picks (in yellow) for the Road Race compared to the final standings:

Dream Gold= Andy Schleck 
Actual Gold= Samuel Sanchez

Silver= Levi Leipheimer or Alexandro Valverde
Actual Silver= Davide Rebellin

Bronze= Sammy Sanchez or Bernard Kohl
Actual Bronze= Fabian Cancellara

So, this is still the best blog about the best bike racer in the universe, Andy Schleck, because I was able to pick 1 of the medalists (sorta kinda.)

Andy is still the Best Bike Racer in the Universe because he came in 5th in the OLYMPICS. Cadel Evans still does not rock because he came in 15th (and every time I saw him he looked angry.)

Christian VandeVelde 17th and Levi Leipheimer 11th both rock because they are from the U. S. of A. and they both came in in the top 20!

Congratulations to Samuel Sanchez! And Kudos to all of the athletes who participated! Here is a clip of the finish. Andy- You were soooo close!

Below is some video and lame commentary of the start of the race:


EatPlayLove said...

We devoured the brief coverage today NBC graced us with! I was impressed with Andy's efforts. WTG!

I have to admit, I get very tired seeing him dragging everyone else around. Andy deserves a little bit more respect!

Maggie said...

Andy is definitely earning more people's respect every day. He definitely was in charge of that attack. Personally I think he was robbed by Rebellin. That guy was sucking Andy's wheel during the whole of the last climb.

Oh well- la Vuelta is at the end of the month. It would have been nice to see Andy medal though. Luxemburg has only won 2 medals in history. And they weren't for cycling. I think one was ping pong and the other was yodeling or something.

Sebastian said...

the problem with these circuit courses is that, since they do one climb over and over again, this climb can never be hard enough to allow a pure climber like andy s to drop all-rounders like rebellin and schleck.

by the way, every reason to dislike evans is also a reason to dislike leipheimer. just sayin.

sachin said...

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