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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

4 U.S. Cyclists Enter Beijing in Controversial Manner; OR Sorry if We Embarrassed You, China (NOT!)

NO, it's not raining or foggy. It's Beijing on a "Blue Sky" Day! Should "Blue Sky" days really be called "Not So Brown" days??

So I wake up this morning and it's all over the news that there's this HUGE controversy over the fact that 4 U.S. Cyclists (Mike Friedman, Sarah Hammer, Bobby Lea and Jennie Reed- all track cyclists) got off the plane wearing masks (which were provided by the Beijing Olympic Committee!) 

The Cyclists were slapped on the hand by the USOC and required to "apologize" to the IOC AND China. Shame on You and your "reprimand", USOC!! 

According to Friedman: "This is really a surprise, because I didn't think it was going to be such a big deal. Why we wore the masks is simple: pollution." 

I wrote about this in an earlier post, but in a nutshell: Pollution has been so bad, in fact, that China has been going to extraordinary lengths to improve air quality, including; shutting down factories and eliminating driving in the city. Maybe you should have thought of this BEFORE you signed up for the Olympics, China! 

First of all the BOCOG GAVE the flippin' masks to the athletes. So, that's proper etiquette? someone gives you something ( a gift perhaps) and you have to APOLOGIZE??!! WTF!!??

These athletes had to APOLOGIZE to a country that has the worst human rights record, perhaps in the WORLD!? My head is starting to hurt, and that little vein in my temple is starting to throb, so I better hurry and finish this up so I can take my BP meds.

Hey China, we're sorry we wore those masks because your air is so flippin' polluted! Are you sorry for all those political prisoners rotting in your stinking jails??!! 
Have you freed Tibet yet??!! How bout an "apology" to the Tibetans??!! Are you still using slave labor??!! Have you apologized to the slaves??!! Do your own people wear masks because it's so freakin' hard to breathe in your polluted, environmentally BROWN, single-party socialist republic??!! Have you apologized to them??!!

I DON'T THINK SO!!! So why don't you take this written apology and stick it up your A$$!!

Holy crap! I can't believe this is even news! 

Post Script: Let's not try to "politicize" the Olympics, OK? :) 


Helen said...

I saw something about that, they were basically calling Mike friedman disrespectable in the article i saw [which hit a nerve with me cos of the pollution facts and the fact mike 'meatball' friedman was SO eager to do these damn olympics.]

If they didn't want people to have to resort to masks, maybe ya know not host it in China [how did that get approved anyway...ohhh money!] OR they should have made China take steps to eliminate the pollution when they first bloody applied.

I share your anger Maggie, this was a good scathing article. However, i am slightly worried about your bp :p Yes, use Andy and calm dolphins.

On a lighter note, Mike Friedman has a blog, he is usually quite funny and seems a top bloke [I admit i have a slight Garmin-Chipotle fetish what with Zabriskie, Miller, Frischkorn, Vandevelde and Friedman]- http://www.mikefriedman.missingsaddle.com/

Maggie said...

Thanks Helen,
Sometimes you just have to vent, you know? I'll definitely check out Friedman's blog. Thanks for the link. The dolphin got the old BP back in line :)

They've been "working" on the pollution problem for 4 years. Ever since they announced Beijing in 2004. China was a bad choice. But I definitely hope that protests don't ruin it for the athletes. For some, this is their last hurrah with the Olympics. Don't want bad political press for something that is supposed to bring the world together in a positive manner.

I just couldn't believe that the cyclists had to write a letter of apology when the Beijing OC GAVE them the masks in the first place. They are giving all of the athletes masks. So if the athletes choose to wear them what's the big deal?

I know I live in a country that isn't so great so far as pollution, carbon footprints and whatnot. But give me a break!