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Monday, August 4, 2008

2008 Olympics Info for USA Cycling Fans!

For all of us TdF fans in the U.S.A.; The Olympics' Men's Road Race is a must see. Attached is a schedule (Beijing time) for the Road Race on Saturday, August 9, 2008. The Race starts (on TV) at 10:30 AM EST with the awards ceremony at 11:00 PM.  TV coverage will probably be spotty and mixed in with synchronized swimming or some such nonsense so see streaming info below. If you do want to stream (and don't mind staying up all night) you can watch the race from 11:00PM 8/8/08-5:30 AM 8/9/08 EST online.

I am really torn here. On the one hand Andy Schleck Rocks and I feel obsessive fan loyalty to him. On the other hand, as a Yank, I want to root for Levi or Christian VdV. OMG! What a dilemma!

The U.S has a 5 man team including:
  1. George Hincapie (Go Big George!)
  2. Levi Leipheimer (Yay Levi!)
  3. Jason McCartney
  4. Christian Vande Velde (See Earlier post on why Christian VdV rocks.)
  5. David Zabriskie (Cool Cowboy accent and funny podcasts. Thanks again, Helen!)
See if your local Cable Company is offering Streaming. Otherwise you'll have to watch TV and will get stuck watching Beach Volleyball or something bogus like that.

Although Luxembourg has only 3 men on its team; Andy, Frank, and Kim Kirchen will be a force to be reckoned with. Spain also has an incredible team. Australia---put your money on O'Grady, Gerrans and McEwen as Cadel's bike is in the shop. (See previous post.)

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