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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cyclist Tan Lines (Bad Ones)

So Cyclist Tan lines have been a hot topic recently. 
Here are some scary ones for you all!

OMG! Put a shirt on! PLEASE!

This just looks weird to me.

I don't think so!

One more video

I think this is the one where CSC is partying at Alpe D'Huez. 

How Cute are These Guys??!!

Is that the cutest smile or what?

US Nationals ITT Final Times

The USA Pro Nationals ITT  was a circuit of 3 - 6.9 miles.

Dave Zabriskie 40:39
Tom Zirbel 40:44
Christian VdV 40:49
RR starts at 1:00 PM tomorrow, Sunday, 8/31/08 LiveStream

Hilarious Outtakes!

Thanks to Emma for sharing this hilarious video!
from Velonews.tv. 

Very funny and great clips that illustrate in great detail where Cadel Evans and Erik Zabel are on the Asshol-o-meter (High). 
Additionally, the video shows the general greatness of Andy Schleck, Big George, Frank Schleck, and Christian VdV. Interviews with all the riders are pretty funny!

Friday, August 29, 2008

VdV pic VeloNews 9/1/08

Cyclist Tan Line and Cute Smile!


OK- I was distracted for a bit, but now it's time to get back to Andy Schleck!!!

Rina was kind enough to send me some awesome video footage of Schleckett. I can't seem to download them, so I will just link them here:

6. April 9, 2008 Andy Interview  Schleck: Changing Focus

The Final Sprint!

Team CSC: Communication, Collaboration and Teamwork

Team CSC after Amstel Gold Race (part 1)

Team CSC after Amstel Gold Race (part 2)

TEAM CSC Fan Video. Love Queen as the background music!

Interview With Andy (It's in French, but he's cute.)

Andy with Fans at the Gala Tour de France.

Thanks again, Rina! You Rock!

Where Do They Cash These Things???

I have always wondered what I would have to do if I ever won a really big check like the the one in the image above. Will a regular bank take it? Would I have to sign my name REALLY BIG on the back? Do you think I could go through the drive-up window and kind of cram it into one of those pneumatic tube thingies? What would happen if I wanted to deposit it using the ATM? Would I be embarrassed carrying it around until I was able to go to the bank? There are soooo many questions!!!

I guess these are just some of those eternal questions that will forever remain unanswered. 

Above Christian Vande Velde and David Millar celebrate the Team Overall Classification win at the 2008 Tour.

Let's Help a Reader With Weight Loss

self portrait of Mont......errr I mean the anonymous reader.

One of my readers (I'll withhold the name to protect the troll..err... innocent) has confided that he /she/it has been fighting a weight problem. I decided to set up this ticker to help encourage said reader. He/she/it is starting at 472 lbs. Don't know how that translates to kilos all of you european readers. The troll's....errr....person's Goal weight is 250 lbs. Let's watch every day to cheer or laugh about every pound he/she/it gains or loses.

Update 8/30/08 Gained 5 LBS today :( 472 to 477 LBS
Update 9/1/08 Lost 2 LBS today :-P 477 to 475 (are you starting to binge and purge?)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

news on US Nationals

A weekend of Family fun is planned!! I don't know how much fun that kid is having with the weird banana man. I'd be scared shitless.

More importantly: Versus will cover the races on September 7, Cyclism Sunday. It's a week late, but oh well.

Live Streaming of Saturday's ITT 8/30/08 will begin at 11:00 AM ET. Presented by Rock Racing.

Live Streaming of Sunday's Road Race 8/31/08 will be presented by Rock Racing with commentary by Nathan O'Neill. They'll be using the "Rock Cam!" Sounds kinda painful.  Anyway the race starts at 1:00 PM ET.


It's not a talk show, but his entries are pretty funny in Zabriskie's Point.

Below is a funny video "Z Bottle Slam" The guy who posted it on youtube gave the following description:
"Dave Zabriskie, racing with the little guys at a local Utah race slammed his water bottle on the pavement and hit my girl, she is just fine but he called her and sent her some CSC paraphernalia and a CSC Jersey."


Below: Dave Z is all Emo

Christian VdV's Profile

This is a very nice profile on Christian Vande Velde. All of his teammates at Garmin Chipotle H30 (including Dave Z.) chime in to say what a great cyclist and guy he is. Enjoy!

Find Cuddles Poll Closed

Well, again the results are indisputable. The people have spoken. Cadel Evans is the Oompa Loompa #2 and the kind of mad looking dude #5. 

There you have it. Even though Helen and I really think he looks a lot like the Grinch as well.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

VdV with Horns?

Photo Credit Peter DeJong

Thanks for sharing this Nikki. It's Hilarious! From 2007 Tour. I kind of get the horns I think, but the flag has me a little mystified. Guess he couldn't hold it in his hands if he was riding, but he could have stuck it to one of his horns or something.

PS: Is that just a trace of the Luxembourg flag I see in the upper right? Right by his horn.

I thought I had this posted

I thought I already posted this because it is so awesome. My hubby and I sing and dance along to "Andy" by Singer les Rita Mitsouko. It's really quite a catchy little ditty. Thanks for reminding me Rina. More awesome Rina resources coming soon!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Evaluating London 2012 Olympic Logos that were rejected in favor of the pink piece of crap in the last post.

Above: This one is my pick. Simple, yet elegant. Functional and attractive with the incorporation of the Olympic Rings with the word London.

Actually, I don't think you do know what you're doing!!!!! The Olympic "RINGS" are round---not square. Terrible.

Isn't this the logo for "Mind the Gap" on the Tube? It looks too much like a no smoking sign or something like that to me. My vote is no!

Excuse me, but did Sigmund Freud design this or something????? Talk about phallic symbols. Does London want to be known as the "city with a dick?"

Plus - I get that they are "trying" to be clever with the rings and the word London. But to me it looks like a pure mess. Words can't even begin to describe the annoyance it evokes. I give this one an F-

I still like the donut one.

London 2012 Olympics Logo and Link

Is this the logo and the link? BBC Link to this page.

No offense, Helen, but Holy Crap! That's flippin' hideous. It looks like an art project my daughter once brought home from Kindegarten!!! Somebody should request a refund.

I definitely like the donut logo better.

And Yes, this blog is possessed!  You are all under my power! Soon Andy Schleck and I will conquer the Universe!!!!!! 

In Sansen's words MMMWWAAHHAAHAA!


Does the Devil Play Favorites??!!

Thanks for the link Sansen! Great pics. Here is a question: Can cyclists become possessed by demons during races? I'm watching some Reality TV Ghost kind of show right now and they are exorcizing some little kid. Personally she just looks like a brat to me. Put away the holy water and open the can of whup ass. 

Anywho, What do you all think about this disturbing possibility? Both Frank and Christian (and Andy to a certain degree) look like they are possessed. Could it be possible? Maybe this is how cyclists will replace EPO; they will sell their souls to THE DEVIL!

2008 Bavaria Profonde Shiptout

Just some pics today from the 2008 Bavaria Profonde Shiptout. Thanks for sharing this link Pon!

Love this pic of Frank with the podium girl! Is it just me--or does he he is thinking, "Life is GOOD!"?

Andy and pretty podium girls

Photo Credits: Cofoto Fotografie

Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympics Poll Closed!

Well- the Olympics Poll on this blog has officially closed. The results are in. The quantitative data generated through this poll is undisputable. I think I'll write my dissertation on it. Maybe a Mixed-Methods Review where I interview the participants as well.

RESULTS: Olympics: Objective or Subjective?

  1. 8% of people polled believe that the Olympics are Objective. (Are you nuts, Monty??!)
  2. 41% of people believe that the Olympics are Subjective. ( Good- at least some of my readers have a clue.)
  3. 16% of people polled can not decide. (Stop straddling the fence! Make a decision already!- unless of course you are a US politician- then I guess it's OK.)
  4. 33% of people polled responded "Look a Chicken!" (OK- I admit one vote in that category was me.)

Yes Helen, I included the above pic of the Olympic Rings in your honor. Why are they made out of donuts? In the words of Homer Simpson, "MMMMMM.....DONUTS!"

NOTE: The poll on Whether or not cannibalism is worse than the threat of decapitation is tied at 50% for each response. Wow! I'm starting to wonder about you guys.

Andy and Frank

Thanks Sansen! I love "Frandy Schleck!
(Even though they are cuter in real life.)

Artsy Andy Pics (and I think he probably has a girlfriend)

Andy is triumphant as he beats Carlos Sastre at the Shiptout on July, 29, 2008. Carlos doesn't look like he minds too much though. Actually looks like they're just having fun to me.

 Anyone know what the Shiptout was? I have no clue. Photo Credits Irmo Keizer/Adrenaline Media.

Sorry the pics are crappy- you can view them better at Irmo Keizer's Flikr account.

Andy is on Carlos's wheel for the same unfathomable (to me) shiptout.

Did he really get a tattoo??? There?? OMG!!

Sorry Rina, I think Andy probably has a girlfriend (or two.) But, don't give up hope. He's young. Go meet him and ask him out for coffee. He'd probably go for it. Seriously- He is such a cool guy.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Frank Schleck's 2008 Tour de Suisse Crash Stage 5

Every time I see this video I ask myself: "Self- How the heck did Frank not get seriously injured when he went over that guardrail? How in the world was he able to ride the next day in Stage 6?"

It's a flippin' Miracle! Which just goes to show how awesome the Schleck's are. They are impermeable to danger and injuries! (Knock on Wood!)

Tour de Suisse 2008 June 14-22, 2008. 

At the start of Stage 6, cyclingnews.com reported that, "All 144 riders were at the start under a blue sky with a few light clouds. Frank Schleck of CSC was there, hale and hearty and suffering no major injuries from his dramatic crash the day before." DRAMATIC??!! Jeez- The guy went over the guardrail and who knows how far down into a ravine! Anyway, check out the video. It never fails to amaze me!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Great Blog!

Photo: Graham Watson
Let's Talk Biking is a great blog with MANY pics of Christian VdV, Dave Z, George Hincapie, and other high calibur riders. Check it out when you get a chance. The link is also on the sidebar of this blog.
Thanks Nikki!
I really appreciate all of your help!

The Christian Vande Velde Fan Club Site is Up and Running!

Well- it's kind of lame right now, but at least I got it published. Whew. Please take a minute to sign Christian's guestbook. Be nice, remember it's not about me, it's about CHRISTIAN VDV!  

I'll be updating it as VdV racks up more wins in the Nationals.

Mount Washington Auto Road Race

These pics are from the Mount Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hill Climb. The event was held last weekend and really the only reason it holds any interest for me is:
  1. I have actually climbed Mount Washington (with my feet) and let me tell you it was a B#@ch. You get above the tree line and you can see the summit and you think "Hey I can do this...the summit is right there." When actually it takes about another hour and a half of boulder hopping to get to the summit. Then on the way down your legs (mine anyway) are like spaghetti. Anywho, it took yours truly about 6-7 hours to go up and down Mount Washington. 
  2. My husband's bud competed in it.
  3. I thought these pics with the mist were kind of cool.

Now the auto road is the way all the shloogs who have those bumper stickers that say "This Car Climbed Mount Washington" get up the mountain. I have never driven up it, but I heard from a friend of mine that it can really mess up your transmission. It's that steep.

So this looks like a pretty fun event. Maybe next year I'll go and climb the darn thing again and meet the winners at the top. I imagine I'll have to start a bit before they will though.

Above: Ex- doper, Rock Racing Tyler Hamilton (right) with the dude I am assuming won the race. 

Friday, August 22, 2008

2008 US Nationals

As Labor Day weekend approaches; I imagine these three guys are back in training for the 2008 Greenville Hospital System USA Cycling Professional Championships. Jeez, they just returned from Beijing and here they go again. (Not like some cyclists who had such a LONG season they need to take the rest of the year off- to get some serious mental health treatment, we hope.)

Anyway, Christian VdV, Dave Z. (Both Garmin-Chipotle) and Big George (Columbia) will be in Greenville, SC next weekend to contest 2 national titles. If Zabriskie wins the ITT this will be his 3d consecutive win. I don't know-- I think I'm going to put my money on VdV for both ITT and Road Race. Just because he is having such an incredible season. Sorry Dave.

It must be weird for these guys. I mean usually they are racing with their pro teams, then they all came together for the Olympics as Team USA, now they're individual competitors. They have to all get along otherwise they'd be killing each other (or fans and reporters like "you know who.")

Big George will have the home town advantage, and he did win the RR in '98 and '06. Love Big George! Seriously solid dude. Other riders I am watching include, Tyler Hamilton (Rock Racing,) and Tom Danielson (Garmin-Chipotle.) Over 50 guys are expected to be in the field for the ITT, probably about the same for the RR.

The ITT starts at 11:00 AM ET Saturday, August 30, 2008.
The Road Race starts at 1:00 ET PM Sunday, August 31, 2008.

I'm trying to find out if this will be online anywhere or even (heaven forbid) on TV. If I find anything out I will let you folks know.


Just so everyone knows; I just sprayed the whole blog with troll spray. We'll see if it works.
For anyone just checking in, this is a gentle reminder that this blog is designed to be silly, nonsensical, and filled with pseudo-truths and half lies; ALL BASED ON FACT! 

The mission of this blog is to spread the love for Andy Schleck and other awesome cyclists, while showing the true Cadel Evans to the world.

We like to argue a lot. Above is one of my readers (the cute little Asian girl) arguing with Monty the Troll. Luckily trolls can't swim, so hopefully this one will sink to the bottom soon.
Above is a picture of Monty the troll starting his blog on why he/she/it hates this blog. Personally, I am flattered that this troll is passionate enough, and silly enough to be one of my devoted readers.