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Monday, July 28, 2008

What Does Andy Schleck Think of Bernard Kohl?

OK- I admit that I have no idea what Andy Schleck thinks of Bernard Kohl. But I would like you to take advantage of the poll on the right of your screen to vote on who is the best looking: Bernard Kohl, Kitten #1, or Kitten #2.

Bernard Kohl had an outstanding tour. Not only was he King of the Mountains and finished the Tour on the podium in the Polka Dot Jersey (no shabby feat there.) He also finished a respectable 9th place (followed by my man "Big George" Hincappie) in the time trial. This guy can ride. 

Have you ever really watched how he rides though? It's like a combination of the chicken dance, some kind of bizarre Eurodance move, or maybe he is just kind of a spaz. I am certainly no expert on any of these conditions. However, he does get the job done. 

Maybe it's the chimney sweeping. Yes he is a chimney sweep by trade which shows how much Tour riders DON'T make. I imagine he has to contort his body into some pretty weird positions in those Austrian chimneys. Maybe his chimney sweep days are done after his 2008 Tour performance. Go Bernard!

By the way; the average domestique makes about 47,000$ American. Pathetic considering what these guys can do.

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