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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Evidence That People All Over the World LOVE Andy Schleck

  1. Frank and Andy Schleck Italian Fan Club - Notice that in none of the images of this video does Andy hit, swat at, or threaten any of the people around him. (Unlike a Bike Racer whose initials are C.E.)
  2. U.K. and Ireland Supporters of Frank and Andy Schleck- This site isn't quite built yet, but its creation is indicative of the love that the Brits and Irish feel for Andy.
  3. Frank & Andy Schleck- Brothers in Wheels- Nice Photo montage that shows love for Andy and no evidence of cannibalism. 
  4. Andy- The title of the song is appropriately "Andy."  This one is my personal fave! People everywhere are jumping on the Schleckmobile! Go Andy! You Rock! 
  5. Andy Accepting the Maillot Blanco in Tour '08 - The announcers are speaking Spanish, so obviously Spain loves Andy.
  6. L'Alpe D'Huez 2008 Tour de France- Notice Andy's fluency (and cute smile) as he effortlessly climbs the Tour's most formidable mountain. Not once does he stop to eat a shloog! Who is that guy in the Silence Lotto Jersey who is struggling behind him? Oh, it's Cadel Evans. 
More evidence that Andy Schleck is the Best Cyclist in the Universe and that Cadel Evans is not. Do your own youtube search on you know who, you will see that it is mostly videos of him hitting reporters and fans and threatening to cut off people's heads. 


your favorite daughter said...

so when is this blog's ghost writer (dad) going to be made known??? he's been spouting this stuff for years --- poser

still me said...

well, except the stuff that doesn't make sense / have to do with bike racing. you deserve full credit (or blame??) for that

Maggie said...

zackly- little too much time on my hands this summer don't you think? Viva Los Vegas. Still waiting for a pic of J.

Believe it or not this is all me. Dad just corrects me when there are blatant falsehoods.

What doesn't make sense?