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Monday, July 28, 2008

Cadel Evans' (Anger Issues?) subtitle:More reasons why Cadel sucks.

Here is some more food for thought on why Cadel Evans sucks.

Cadel is deep in thought about his future anger management classes immediately following this year's tour. He seems to think that the word attack means he should attack interviewers instead of strategically in his racing. Idiot. 

Cadel has blown his top three times in post-race interviews and unfortunately (for Cadel) each one has been caught on film. 
  • First, some poor fan tried to touch Cadel's Credit Lyonnaise Lion. He slaps the poor guy not once, but TWICE! What a jerk!
  • Second, an innocent bystander accidentally collided with Cadel's dog. Cadel's response: "Stand on my dog and I'll cut your head off!" Check out the video if you don't believe me!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fe79ZuDKfk
  • Third, Head-butting a camera man really takes the cake don't you think?
Learn about Cadel's anger issues in more detail at:

John McEnroe look out! There is a bigger a-hole than you in professional sports!


rob ijbema said...

shame i found your blog so late
good fun!
care to link?

Maggie said...

Beautiful Images!

rob ijbema said...

just added your link
thanks for doing the same

rob ijbema said...

and.....no paintings of evans the diva

Maggie said...

LOL- If Cadel wins de la Vuelta a Espana he deserves a painting.

Anonymous said...

You might enjoy Cadel's new nickname
see: http://www.bikeradar.com/blogs/article/10-things-to-love-about-the-2008-tour-17745

#2 on the list fits him perfectly

Maggie said...

Perfect! Cuddles! I love it! I also love #3 of course: Andy Schleck: or roughly translated cycling caviar.

Believe it or not I went into the tour rooting for Cadel. Hi antics got to be too funny to resist starting this compare and contast blog.

Ancy Schleck = Cycling Caviar
Cadel Evans = grumpy old Cuddles.