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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Andy Schleck: Best Biker in the Universe

Why Andy Schleck is the Best Bike Rider in the Universe and
 Cadel Evans is Not.

1. Is Andy Schleck on the podium? Yes. Is Cadel Evans? No.
2.He smiles as he kicks butt on Alpe D'Huez.
3. He is actually 23, but he looks like he is about 13.
4. He sings as he climbs the mountains while Cadel Evans can barely breathe.
5. He was nice to Cadel Evans (my interpretation of Andy's conversations with Cadel) "Cadel, what is the matter? Do your legs hurt? Mine don't. Why are you breathing so hard, Cadel Evans? Do you want me to ride back down the mountain to get some help for you? Would you like to sing a little song with me?"
6. Andy Shreds.
7. Prediction: He will win Many Tours in the Future!!!!
8. Sorry about the picture of Bernard Kohl- He's next on my critique.

Bernard Kohl: Why he is the biggest duffus in the 2008 Tour de France: See my later (guilty conscience) Retraction

1. Look at him.
2. He fell off the ramp before the time trial.
3. He is a chimney sweep by profession. "Chim Chimminy Chim Chimminy Chim Chim Charoo"
4. He looks a little too excited when he gets kissed by the French girls on the podium.
5. Yeah, Yeah I know he is King of the Mountains.
6. Yeah I know he did well in the time trial
7. He is King of the Mountains and he still fell off the ramp at the time trial=duffus.

Cadel Evans: Why Cadel Evans Sucks

1. Too much hype.
2. Never attacks. Duh Cadel, If you want to win you have to attack (dumbass)
3. Marginal at best Time Trial.
4. What the hell is a "Vegamite Sandwich?" Why on earth would anyone live in a country where you might have to eat one?
5. Crybaby.
6. Serious Anger Issues. I'm talking violent! Check out this video- I can't understand what the heck the guy is saying, but I SURE know what Cadel is saying: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrpL6BA6PBQ

1. He is American
2. Seems like a nice guy.
3.From Missouri yet seems to have turned out OK anyway.
4. He is an American.

George Hincappie: Why Big George Rocks!

1. Solid.
2. Notice the term "big" attached to his name?
3. 12 tours- Holy Crap- he really does rock!
4. He prefers Macs to PCs (no brainer) Go George!
5. Also American


Anonymous said...

Great blog. Andy Schleck is the bomb.

Maggie said...

Thanks dude. Keep visiting. I'll be commenting on Andy's performance in the '08 de la Vuelta a Espana this August. CSC Rocks! Andy Schleck really is da bomb!

EatPlayLove said...

I am so glad you didn't diss Georgie. Whom, by far is my favorite rider in the Tour, even though he won't even get a whiff of the yellow jersey.

Gosh, too bad you weren't around for the days of Ullrich, now I would've loved you giving that neanderthal a dissin!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Totally agree with you. Andy is a champion! :) Definitely a future winner of many tours to come. :D

Maggie said...

Thanks Anonymous!

I aim to please! Except for Cadel that is!


Hayley said...

Andy dominates :)
Love this blog, good laugh :)

I only like cadel coz he's an aussie. and Vegemite sandwiches are pretty good. Foreigners dont agree with us, but we've been eating them since we remember :)