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Thursday, July 31, 2008

10 Things to Love about the 2008 Tour

10 Things to Love About the 2008 Tour by Daniel Frieb Features Editor: ProCycling

Thank you for sharing this link, Anonymous. My faves of the top 10 are:

#3 "Andy Schleck. Or, roughly translated cycling caviar."

Go Andy! 
Cadel, Maybe the Olympics are more your style. Definitely won't get the same coverage, so maybe Serge can take a vaca.


Anonymous said...

I have another link that you might like from a letter to Cycling News:

"Bravo Senior Sastre! Great win by a great rider on a great team. Do we have a new "Jan Ulrich" in the making, i.e. a perennial second place, in Evans? At least Jan was fun to watch. I'd like to see le Tour add another placement, "The Beige Jersey" for most boring GC contender. Mr. E would win that easily.

Wisconsin, USA

Saturday, July 26, 2008 "


Maggie said...

Thanks Jeff,
Great idea for the "Beige Jersey" category! Definitely an idea for a new post. I'll get your link up today. There is some good stuff there.