Whose Gloucester video is better?

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

10 (OK 6) Reasons why Jeremy Powers Rocks

1. He easily bunny hops barriers. See below:

2. He is a really nice guy to his fans. He had nice words for us at Mercer after slogging through the mud for 45 minutes. And, he is an awesome Facebook friend. Not mentioning any names (RT,) but some riders are not so friendly to fans.

3. He offers lessons on how to be an awesome Cross Racer. Plus his car is kind of junky. For some reason I think that's cool.

4. Apparently Jeremy is a drummer in some kind of fishbowl. Drummers rock! Is that really THE Jeremy Powers though? Looks like a little kid to me. 

5. When he crashes it does not seem to faze him much. The guy going OW in the background is a bit annoying though.

6. His name is just so awesome. Check out his blog  on Missing Saddles as he races in Europe over the next couple of weeks.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

J-Pow Rocks!

US Cross Racer, Jeremy Powers, came in at lucky 13 today at the Azencross Loenhout, Belgium. He was right up there with the big boys the whole time! Lars Boom crashed out hard in the first lap. Went right over his handlebars. Looked like his chain slipped, his foot came out and it was "hello pavement!" He landed on his right wrist pretty hard. Hope he's OK. 

Ryan Trebon did not finish. What's up with that??????? 

My bud Matt Shriver is bummed because he came in last, but I say- hey dude- just being in there with those dudes is awesome. Sven Nys came in 2nd. I don't know- but for some reason that makes me happy. 

Anybody know if Friday's and Sunday's races will be streamed? Today's was on sports.be. Friday is in Sint- Niklaas and Sunday is in Tuerveren. Any streaming info would be greatly appreciated!

Happy New Year to all if I don't talk to you all before then.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Got the complete X-Files for Xmas.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Lars Boom is da bomb!

Now I've seen quite a few of our US pro Cyclocross dudes race; and I thought these guys were seriously fast! Well, a few of our boys are over in Europe competing in the Cross World championships, and they are getting their proverbial asses handed to them by the Europeans. Lars Boom and Sven Nys in particular are suspected (by me) of having super human strength. These guys are like flippin machines. For example, Sven Nys is the ATHLETE OF THE YEAR in Belgium. Not some soccer/football player, or any other type of ball sport type--a CYCLIST is the athlete of the year. They take their cycling seriously in Belgium! Huup!

Monday, December 15, 2008

USA Cyclocross Nationals Highlights 2008

So, the boys are done on US soil for the year. I was kind of disappointed in J-Pow's showing (19th) Wondering if he had mechanical probs. I hear that Trebon, J-Pow, and Jamey Driscoll are heading over to Europe now. Hope they don't have their asses handed to them by Sven Nys and Lars Boom (love that name.)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Natz Schmatz Opa Opa 12-14-08 BeerCross Cyclocross

Last Cross race of the season for us. Jon got 4th! Now I'll finish the afternoon by watching Nationals on live streaming.

Andy at Saxo Bank

Thanks Rina!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Giro Update

First of all, let me deeply apologize for my lack of blogging. No excuses really, but I'll invent some anyway. Too busy, off season for Road, on season for 'Cross (going to the Ice Weasels Cometh tomorrow:), lazy, ADHD, whatever one I can blame it on.

Anyhow, above is a pic of young Andy kicking some Quickstep ass at the 2008 Tour de Suisse. This was the day after Frank went "whoops- didn't see that guardrail there- hello ravine" Stage 5.

So, I don't usually get all hopped up about the Giro when I should be out shopping for presents that nobody will want and will probably return anyway, but I thought it was interesting that Young Andy has opted out of this year's Giro to focus on the TdF. I kinda figured that since Sir Lancelot would be there, Andy would want to outgun the man from Texas with the serious firepower that is Team CSC- or whatever their name is now.  I would love to see Andy and Frank open the can of you know what on Lancy Boy a bit earlier than July.

In other non-news- Cadel Evans is also forgoing the Giro in order to focus on the Tour; despite announcements from that snoring company that he would ride in the 1st Grand Tour of the 2009 season. In his typically whiny way he told the press that he didn't know why they would announce him as a rider in the Giro- that it was probably to drum up some interest in him. NOT! Wake up call to Cadel---- Good morning Mr. Evans it is 5:18 AM and NO ONE CARES!


Sunday, December 7, 2008

VERGE 12-7-08 Cyclocross in the SNOW! Yeah Boy!

No flat today for Jon Boy. He came in 13th in a field of 80! Woot! It was snowy, slippery, slidey, funski. Check out all of the spills in the woods! Enjoy! One more weekend of Cross for us. Next weekend is the "Ice Weasels" race. woohoo!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

12-6-08 VERGE Cyclocross Warwick, RI

Jon got a flat at the start (bummer) Today was a "Power Course" tomorrow is a "technical course" Supposed to snow tonight! Woot!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Jesse Anthony

So We're going to the VERGE/Cycle Smart races this weekend. woot! woot! Cutie pie Jesse Anthony will be racing in the snow. Thought I'd throw up some pics to see if Helen still thinks he's a cutie.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Uncle Bjarne and his boys

First one to name everyone correctly from left to right- starting with top row wins a Garmin Chipotle PB H30 Water Bottle! (except for Monty, The Truth, or any other anonymous a-hole)


Thanks to Rina for these two cutie-pie pics. I think I already have the other one posted somewhere.  Let's open up the floor for some hairstyle critiques from the fan-girl universe.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Loser Alert!

Total loser- It is no coincidence that his name is Bagger. He bagged 85 Million Bucks of IT Factory's money. Bagger then vanished to the 3d world nation (not) of Dubai; presumably to spend some of that cashola at the indoor ski mountain they have in the flippin desert in that disgustingly oil rich country. 

I say that we fan girls unite and form a commando team to track this loser down and get the $$ back. Or at least give Bagger a stern talking to. Or, how about we each send Bjaarne 5 bucks and become a new sponsor. They might put our logo in a teeny tiny little spot on the teams' socks or something. 

Sansen, I'm counting on you to come up with an all-encompassing fangirl logo. We should be able to muster up 30 bucks or so.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Good Article on SexyBank

Frankie in 2007

There was a good article about Team Sexy Bank's prospects in the coming season at Podium Cafe. Check it out. Although I do not agree that Jens F.A. Voigt is beginning to show his age!!! He is timeless!

Sorry Rina- I can't get to that vid link you emailed. Happy Turkey Day to all and to all a good night.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I want me a pair of those new Argyle socks!

I already have 2 pairs of the predominantly blue ones. If anyone is wondering what they should get me for xmas- these new argyle socks that Christian VdV is sporting would definitely be accepted. Not many shopping days left you know.

I want this car!

I wonder if it is full of jelly beans?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gorilla Man

I Love this dude! He is at all the NE Cross races. I think his "drum"/5 gallon plastic bucket blew out this weekend though. I really do- I saw him scratching his head and looking at the holes in it. He is actually a heckler extraordinaire from nycross.com  The First vid is from Gloucester Day 2. Monkey Man is in a tree. In the 2nd he chases J-Pow up a hill. Look at Jeremy bunny hop those barriers!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Here's how short I am

Now I am 5'2". I realize that I am rather short, but geez I'm not a flippin' midget. Compared to Kona riders Barry Wicks and Ryan Trebon I am. 

Jesse Anthony Day 1 VS Day 2 Mercer Cup 2008

Above is a pic I took of Jesse at the end of the race on Saturday. Was white a good choice for him? I don't think so. He still rocks though.

Wearing all white on Saturday was a major fashion faux pas considering the 8 inches of mud he had to ride through. The pic above is from Yesterday. Guess he wised up. Jesse Rocks!

Totally true story: After my husband hosed off his bike and brought it back to the car; he was still picking gunk out of the derailleur. He pulled out a living worm. How cool is that?

Ding Dong Chicken Boy is Dead!

It's official. I saw this with my own eyes and took the picture with my own Sony Cybershot. Rasmussin will be pedaling sans one claw.....errrr....foot. If he is STILL ALIVE that is. 

Here's my theory: Emaciated Chicken Boy was at the Mercer Gran Prix of Cyclocross this past weekend. It was very cold and VERY muddy. I think that one of his claws got stuck in the mud and just cracked off. Then (there are a lot of dogs at 'Cross races, you see) a dog sniffed it out- dug it up, brought it down the patio for a quick snack. Apparently the dog found it to be unappetizing and left it in its present state.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 2 Mercer Cup Cat 4 Men

This is Tom Hopper. He is  mechanic for Slipstream Chipotle. He is also an awesome Cyclocross Rider and a very nice guy who didn't mind chatting after riding for 40 minutes in mud-wind-and cold. He is usually based in Girona and loves traveling with the team during the season. He's a real sweety.

Below is another lamo youtube. This time, being a dumbass, I deleted the vid, so it's just photos, but it gives you a feel for the course conditions. Terrible- or Great (depending on perspective)

Mercer Cup Men's UCI Elite 11-05-08

Yesterday was awesome. Got to see and meet all the big names up close an personal. It was muddy as hell, but at least the rain held off while we were there. The riders struggled. Except for Tim Johnson who has always said he thrives in mud. Anyhow, check out this lame youtube, and I am off to the races again.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

VdV Photo Shoot at Garmin

See Helen, this is what you could be doing when you get out of Uni. Of course it will have to be in the off season because you'll be at all the Grand Tours during the season and will of course remember all of the little people who knew you before you became a big-time photographer. 

Thursday, November 13, 2008



Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pirates Week Invitational Circuit

VdV wins the 1st annual Pirates Week Invitational Circuit!
Go Christian! I wonder what kind of shwag he gets? A parrot? An eye-patch? 
Maybe a bottle of rum? Yo Ho Ho! 

Monday, November 10, 2008

Someone want to 'splain me something?

Someone want to tell me why Dan Martin (a fine young Irish lad after me own heart) had to wait in LINE to get his Best Young Rider's Jersey at the Tour of (Irish Haters) Portugal? I mean....just look at how ticked he looks as he waits in line with a bunch of stuck-up podium girls who are also in line to get their new bouquets. Either that or he's never been around so many hot chicks and he's thinking "ZOMG! Should I ask one for a date? But they're all like 6 inches taller and 20 lbs heavier than I am. Maybe I'll just stand here looking nonplussed.....but I really want that Jersey....and I really think the twins in the red mini-skirts would totally dis me if I started talking to them. And why is that black guy with the headset staring at me. Holy crap! I really need to talk to Allen Lim!"

disclaimer: the author in this blog has nothing against: the Portugese people, podium girls, twins, or black guys with headsets.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Putney Vermont Cyclocross 11-09-08 West Hill Shop

The funniest part is when the dude falls jumping the barriers in the beginning of the video. He is like a guru of Cyclocross. He creates all these "how-to" videos. Nice guy!

Overcoming #1

Good vid with all our boys; including Jens FA Voigt! The First Vid is 2006 the Second is 2007.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hey Helen!

Hey Helen, Do you know this dude? He's from your neck of the woods. 

Amstel Andy and Carmen Miranda

Bananas is my business too, Carmen.

They have some weirdass podium girls down there.

 Is she sporting fruit on her head ala Carmen Miranda? Nice spot for a race though. At least they could hop in the ocean/pool/whatever and throw back a few cold ones when they were done.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sarah Palin is an Idiot

Listen to this prank call that idiot.....I mean Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, took from a Canadian Radio Station. She is truly a moron.


Allez Andy! ala Rina

Thanks for all the vid links, Rina! Here is more of Andy the Cyclon Schleck
 Winning Winning Winning!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Northhampton Cross 11-1 & 11-2

Well I have decided to add crappy video to my crappy photo montages. This one is from the VERGE Cycle Smart Cross Race in Northhampton, MA. Jon competed both days and did quite well. 

I however, need to learn to either ring the cowbell and yell OR record video with my Sony Cybershot. Both can not be done effectively at the same time. Enjoy- it was REALLY fun! Get out to a Cross race, girls. You will love it.

BTW- Jon is wearing the maillot jeune (kind of old and ratty) and you can hear me screaming at him when he goes by. The pic of me towards the end is with Daniel Cody. He is an Elite dude and is quite an awesome racer and fellow.

Sorry if you don't like Limp Bizkit- I just thought the Mission Impossible theme was appropriate.

Dave Millar Chucking his bike

Sansen- this one's for you.

Wouldn't it be nice?

JUST IN: Cadel Evans new ride for 2009

Cadel contracted this German Bike maker to build his custom ride for the 2009 season. Totally Awesome! 

Don't know how it will do in the mountains though, up or down.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I could be losing it

Do you guys think this kid looks like Andy Schleck? In person he really did.

I saw this kid at the Cross race today and I really thought he looked like Andy Schleck. His name is actually Peter Stetson. He came in 4th- he lost his chain after one of the run-ups. This is from Northhampton, MA Verge Cross Race.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Bahati vid and a Tim Johnson Question

Why does awesome Cyclocross Dude, Tim Johnson, always where a kit that has 9 balls all over it? I've been trying to figure this out for a while. Yes I have read some about the 9 ball diaries, but I still don't get the significance. Any help with this dilemma would be appreciated.

Here is my latest crappy youtube photo montage. I was going to use crosstown traffic by Hendrix, but it blocked it. Then I tried Jumpin Jack Flash- rejected again. Settled for Shocked.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Top 10 Rider Hairstyles

Pippo sporting Oakleys, a new dye job, and perhaps a bit of a straightener?

Sebastien Rosseler with what looks like a "high and tight."

According to Cycle Sport America, November, 2008; the following list is "bad biker hairdos." You can make of that title what you will. Are these bad boys? or boys with bad hair? Whatever you do- don't shoot the messenger.

  1. "Fabian Cancellara's Bouffant- How does the world's best TT rider get such volume? Can the rumors be true? Does fab Fab really wear his TT helmet indoors to prevent his hair from going flat?
  2. Dave Zabriskie's 'tache- DZ gets all the credit, but apparently inspiration came from his teammate, Cozza. No doubt he wants it to look porn star chic but we reckon it betrays a hitherto unseen sensible side to Mr. Z. Does he actually go home, pull on some ironed beige pants and slippers and read the newspaper of an evening?
  3. Stefan Schumacher's Dome- Just get a duster, a can of ordinary furniture polish, a quick bugg in front of the mirror and your Schumi look is complete. Other riders need sunglasses for the glare.
  4. Bradley Wiggins's Mod Look- There was almost no outrage in the British Cycling camp at the Olympics when Brad offered to trim his Paul Weller tribute barnet and sideburns because of fears it would cause his head to overheat in the pursuit. Now the games are over, the hair is growing again and Brad can break out his collection of nearly 1,000 pristine Fred Polly polo shirts ** this may not be true.
  5. Peter Wrolich's Bubble Perm- At the start of the Tour de France stages, even Frenchy yokels with missing teeth and wonky, hick-style hair stop and stare at Wrolich's afro.
  6. Fabian Wegmann's Bleached Spikes- What's the betting that when Fabian was 12, he begged to be allowed to spike and dye his hair, only to be told no, no, a thousand times no. Tortured by those mumsy words:"But you've got lovely hair, why do you want to ruin it?" he headed to the salon by himself and implored the stylists to do their worst. More than a decade later and he still looks the same.
  7. Vladimir Karpet's Mullet- It's just too easy to make fun of Vlad's mullet. A haircut that betrays the fact that he was 9 when the Berlin Wall came down. He was at a vulnerable age when he would have first been exposed to proper Heavy Metal. Perhaps we should be grateful he didn't opt for a poodle cut. Or go for the dreadful mullet and spiky hair combo that Erik Zabel was doing back in the mid '90s.
  8. Sebastien Rosseler's "Dolph Lundgren" Squaretop- When you've got a squarish head in the first place, you probably want to draw attention away from the fact. This makes Rosseler's blonde cube a very peculiar choice, unless he's trying to look like a Swedish action hero playing a Russian bloke in a Rocky film.
  9. Filippo Pozzato's Eurotrash Ringlets- Even when the sun is shining, Pozzato's hair makes it look like he just stepped out of a rain storm. The loose perm and highlights try to exude easy charm, but end up looking manufactured and sleazy. All he needs is a pale pink vest, a pair of Espadrilles and an eye for the ladies. Well he's certainly working on the last of these.
  10. Franco Pellizotti's Bird's Nest- Pellizotti's greatest achievements are finishing in the top 10 in the Giro and allowing a family of housemartins to take up residence in his hair."

The 2008 US Gran Prix of Cyclocross!

Yes- If you are anywhere near the Eastern Seaboard of the United States on the weekend of November 14-16; you MUST go to this event. It is going to totally rock! All the big names will be there- including my husband...hee hee. He'll be competing in cat 4, but the elite men and women will be totally awesome. I've watched vids of the course and there are some gnarly technical sections. Cross Rocks!

I don't know why it's the "Gran" and not the Grand Prix.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yes Helen won the poll.

Helen won the ugliest kit poll with her submission of Scary Zebra Boy. But I don't think she should get a water bottle because she is already getting one for submitting a blog entry to the VdV fan club site. Chico Velo and Castorama are tied at 23%. I submitted Castorama and I am already getting a water bottle too. So the winner is.......(drum roll please) Bridget! You have won an Argyle Onboard water bottle. If ya want it, just let me know where to ship. You can email me at maggie@christianvandeveldefanclub.com 

Congratulations to Bridget and thank you to all who participated. I'm still looking for more ugly sunglasses.


This is a must see video! FYI Sven Nys is the former world cyclocross champion.

Sing Along!     Sven Sven olay olay olay! Ve are de Champions Olay!

Merci Sven, Merci! Merci Sven, Merci!

Now check out Bart Wellens Karate kicking a fan- totally awesome. About a minute in and then replayed over and over. Cool!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mansfield Hollow Cross 10-18-08 -and hats

This is my husband's bud Dave H. at last week's Cross Race. Just thought it was a nice pic. He got some good air over that barrier. Next week North Hampton! Yay!

On a side note- rainy weekend- crocheted 3 hats. Very proud of my endeavors and Jon likes his new warm wooly. I don't like my first Garmin Colors cap (middle). The ear flaps are annoying. The second one (top) is nicer and warmer IMHO. 

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bjarne Tells Frank to Believe in himself!

Thanks again to Anke. I believe this vid is after Stage 10 where "performance enhanced Peipoli" took the win and Frank was 3d overall- 1 second behind -he who shall remain nameless. Doesn't Frank look sad?

TdF '08 vid

Thanks to Anke for this snippet. Andy talks about his and Frank's performance 0n Bonette.

Friday, October 24, 2008

You gotta check out this slide show!

Slideshow that involves Sir Lancelot and other bicycle type riding errr.... leggos? The creator is Julie, and I think it is 
pretty darn amusing.

Sansen *HEARTS* Pippo!

After years of a turbulent, yet dysfunctional romantic relationship; Pippo Pozzato and Miss Sansen have decided to give it one more try. Say's Pippo "I just can't wash that girl outta my hair." He meant this literally, as one time Sansen actually got tangled up in Pippo's curly locks. She had to be surgically removed in order to preserve his "fresh cut." Says Sansen, "He's definitely worth two fingers!"

Above: Fabian Cancellara Congratulates Pippo on his new-found love. "When one finds that special someone, he .......goes out and gets a perm?" said Cancellara.

Pippo sent this shot to his latest flame. All of us in the fan girl blogging community wish the young couple well in all of their future endeavors!

disclaimer: sorry Sansen

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rahsaan Bahati Rocks

Rahsaan Bahati Rocks because he just emailed me and said he was going to send my kids and me a signed poster to put up in our hallway! Awesome Dude!

Andy Interview after Yesterday's Tour Announcement

Rina Darling- could you give us a quick translation? :)

Documentation of Cadelio's Wheel Sucking Strategies

photo: EvansBrynLennonGetty

We all know that Cuddles is a wheel sucker, but Andrew Hood documents it for posterity in this month's VeloNews in a story about Robert Gesink and this year's Paris-Nice. 

Page 41 second column:

"A summit finish up the northern face to the Mont Serein ski station was to be Gesink's confirmation of his arrival to the elite of the sport. He did just about everything right, shedding GC rivals by the scores and only having the pesky Silence-Lotto tandem of Cadel Evans and Yaroslav Popovych on his wheel.

"When Evans' turns were putting Popovych into the red, forcing the Ukraine to yelp out for Evans to slow down, Gesink turned the screws with another searing acceleration. Popovych was popped, but Evans wheel-sucked his way to the finish line and then darted ahead to take the prestigious win."

Yet more evidence that Cadel Evans sucks (literally.)

My Boy (VdV) is Front Page- Cover Story in Latest VeloNews!!!!

The New Man: Vande Velde's Season of Revelation is the Cover Story for the latest edition of VeloNews! Go Christian!

You can also check out the article at the fan club site

Basically, Surfer dude Neal Rogers reports that racing becoming cleaner can only benefit riders like VdV who is now "performing up to the maximum of the physiological capabilities he was given."

Christian Rocks!